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Documentaries, animation, and shorts were screened at Les Amarres in the 13th arrondissement of Paris on June 23, 2023 at a special screening hosted by ÉCU – The European Independent Film Festival.

At the screening, attendees saw six films who were awarded at the 2022 All Asian Independent Film Festival: ÉCU’s sister film festival. The selection of winning films all displayed an impressive range of talent.


This short documentary by director Nan Khin San Win features two women in Kayah State, Myanmar. The viewers are launched into a world where women live in daily fear of sexual violence. Among strong visuals, attendees praised its vulnerability.

“The vulnerability among the women in Broken was both stunning and straining to watch. Although uncomfortable, I was extremely moved by these women’s stories and their daily lives, which largely contrast my own,” Video Production ÉCU intern, Emme Patat said.


This Chinese film directed by Nan Li displayed a woman’s internal battle with new motherhood in the haunting setting of an asylum. Both unnerving and tense, this film had attendees on the edge of their seats as sinister imagery encapsulated the audience.

Dying on Borrowed Time

This student film by director Sean Tongco in the Philippines featured Oscar and Theo: two “old” rivals bound by immortality– until one is subjected to a normal fate. This film, both humorous and emotional, had the audience entangled on the ride of a lifetime.

“I really enjoyed this short film. It was such a creative story and the story itself was perfect for short format. It was also really entertaining!” – Ryan Gruss, social media ÉCU intern.

Voyager Tal

Directed by Daniel Belton, this stunning short depicts dance artist Christina Guieb as she performs a roaming dance paired with Korean folk music. Among a variety of meanings, TAL can represent “mask, escape, and liberation”. Through Guieb’s movements, and the background imagery, Voyager Tal rhythmically combines different elements of culture and nature.

Depths of Night

This short animated film brought to us by Step C delivered surrealist imagery and a delicately crafted narrative in a stunning artistic hand. Delving into the complexities of mental health struggles in Hong Kong, Depths of Night conveys the message of accepting one’s differences and finding solace in each other.

Mr. Catman Bring Me a Dream

Bursting with color and style, this Taiwanese animated sequence directed by Dir. Tzu-Yu Pan tells the story of a young girl eschewing boredom in the throes of online schooling. Mr. Catman Bring Me a Dream brings together the vivid elements of youthful quirk and boundless imagination, delivering life and experience to a world put on hold.

“I loved the animations, especially at the end of the program. The style of both of them, although entirely different, was really cool. You could tell that someone had done it themselves, but in a good way. It is refreshing to see films you can tell are hand drawn” said Emily Moreland, a social media intern at ÉCU.

“The venue was very nice and I loved that it gave off an independent vibe,” said Natalia, the head events organizer for ÉCU. “The films matched the location, and it was great that ÉCU interns were able to connect with community members, especially those who were curious about Asian communities and film.”

The All Asian Independent Film Festival is currently accepting submissions for their 2023 festival. In order to qualify, films should be made with less than 50% participation by a major studio or television broadcaster. Films may be submitted in any language, however if the film is not in English it must have English subtitles. Films in English do not need subtitles.

Additionally, a synopsis of no more than 180 characters in English, a screenshot from the film, and short director’s biography in English are also requested upon submission. The film must have been completed by November 1, 2021.

By Taylor Addison and Elodie Davies

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