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Last October 8th marked the conclusion of the fourth edition of the All Asian Film Festival

Portraying heavy social themes, both movies showcast the tragic beauty of youth and life through scenes full of symbolism. 

If I have sparked your interest and you’re eager to learn more about these poignant movies, delve into the recaps provided below…

Through life and death

Through life and death (2023) original movie poster

“Through Life and Death” represents Gao Shang’s second film and television work and his debut as a feature film director. It captures the emotional narrative of a young woman, Gao Mengyu, who struggles with the sudden revelation of her own mortality. From this moment, she initiates an exploration into the existence of an afterlife, contemplating the prospect of facing consequences for the mistakes she made in her life. Thus begins her arduous journey of redemption to avoid eternal damnation after death!

This film leaves undoubtedly an indelible mark, challenging viewers to reflect on their own lives and the choices that shape their destiny. 


Still from Hannora, 2022

“HANNORA” is the masterpiece of the japanese director Akashi, who, driven by his own personal experience, decided to assemble a passionate cast and crew to create this film. The movie represents a fusion of an intense coming-of-age story embodying the spirit of “ROCK” and numerous performance scenes, ranging from band performances to storytelling, giving rise to a new genre of coming-of-age rock film. 

Hannora tells the story of a high school student, Shota, who embarks on a journey with Maki, a young girl to find her missing friend Tomoko. As they delve deeper into their mission, they find themselves entangled in the intricate complexities of society’s darker aspects, confronting obstacles such as street fights, drug-related challenges, and intricate interpersonal relationships. 

With no surprise, this movie, full of action, drama and absurdity, won the category of the All Asian Best Dramatic Feature Film. 

Life, death, but also freedom and hope deeply mark these movies, which are connected by the same fil rouge: the journey. We sincerely hope to see films of this exceptional caliber in the forthcoming edition.

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