In China, there lives more than 21 million gay men, and most of them choose to conceal their sex orientation because of social pressure. About 65% of them choose to marry ‘straight’ women, and bear at least one child to ‘carry his family name’. Most of those ‘gays’ wives’ don’t know they were lied to at first place, and therefor live a miserable marriage life, because divorce is also a tough choice for a woman in China, especially if she has a child. 
Our heroine, Lisa, is one of those ‘gays’ wives’, who is facing a rough situation now. In order to win the custody of her 7-year-old son Tong in court, Lisa decided to gather evidence of her husband’s infidelity with another man. Though she tried everything she could to keep her son from this family crisis, Lisa found the surprising fact that Tong knew everything…


Dramatic Short

Runtime 29:00

Directed by
Zhang Shufan