Lover Comrade

Lover Comrade

The movie 《Lover Comrade》 is a surrealistic Chinese film with a strong sense of form.
The title “Lover comrade” has three meanings, one is the meaning of a lover. The second is to love, God loves the world. The third is lover comrades, lover partners.
There are several concepts in the film. First is that a man and a woman recalled seven years of emotional experience in seven days. Second, the time span of all characters is twelve years, and 12 years in China is a reincarnation. 
The story is also a reincarnation story. The emotional reincarnation of a man and a woman, from falling love at first sight to not being together, and finally getting together, it is an emotional cycle. In addition, the film which consists of 60 lenses uses a shooting method of shooting one shot for one scene. Sixty years on the Lunar calendar is called “Jia Zi”, meaning a full cycle. And in the traditional culture of the Chinese, a big reincarnation has sixty-one Jia Zi. The leading male and 2nd male in this story are also in a recurrent relationship.
With a story of searching and fighting for the custody of children, the film deeply discusses the relationship between survival, fate and society in China, including the impact of family planning and household registration policy on citizens, as well as the rapid development of reform and opening up. Social issues such as the relationship between the individual and the state, as well as the choice of personal living space and rising channels.
The story is about a woman who is trying to find the father of her child, has been entangled among four men of different classes, the story uses a non-linear narrative method, suspense set interlinked, character relations layer upon layer, very ornamental, the end is aftertaste contemplation, photographing exultation!


Experimental Film

Runtime 1:30:00

Directed by
Lv HongFeng