The Guppy’s Death

The Guppy’s Death

Shen Qiushui, a young woman fond of spying on other people’s lives. She is curious about the living conditions of her neighbour. She steals her neighbour’s letters to satisfy her voyeuristic desire. From the letters, she learned that a lonely boy named Zhuang Sheng lived next door. During his travels, Zhuang Sheng, who believes in nihilism, fell in love with Liu Nanhua, a gangster whose personality was quite different from him. After saying goodbye to Liu Nanhua, he made a new life choice. When Shen compares the secrets she has peeped with real life, she discovers that the letters seem to be false, but she still gains the power to change her life from the letters.


Student Film

Runtime 16:11

Directed by
Yin Han