Has Man A Future

Has Man A Future

Luo Sang’s granddaughter Yang Jin was hit by the drunken driver Dou La Jia and became disabled. Luo Sang’s family vowed to sue Dou La Jia to court, let him in prison and to be punished, but the village head thought Dou La Jia had two children and they could not raise themselves, so the village head persuaded Luo Sang to think again.
Lama’s young son who back from the temple for Chinese New Year also supported to forgive Dou La Jia. But Dou La Jia himself said he was willing to take any punishment and sent his children to an orphanage. The contradictions of all people in the village are escalating, and human misery happened.


Dramatic Feature

Runtime 1:36

Directed by
Guodong Zhang