The story is based on a real-life incident in a small town in southern China. 
Zhang San, a middle-aged man who was lazy to find work and got by on credit, learnt by chance that someone around him had won a lottery. Agitated, he went to a lottery store at night to steal lottery tickets. When trying to scratch off the tickets, Zhang San collided head-on with a delirious homeless man. Zhang ran away in panic and inadvertently lost the million-dollar prize ticket he won that night. It turned out afterwards that the homeless man was actually taken care of for years by the lottery store owner, who did not ask for anything in return. The owner took the event as an accident and did not hold the homeless man responsible. He even shared the winning ticket with the man. It was small event that reflected the good, the ugly and the fortunate things in life.


Dramatic Short

Runtime 10:53

Directed by
Yin Ze