Melody Beyond Time

Melody Beyond Time

A Quest for Sound is Taiwan’s first animated micro-film combining music and popular science in Hakka. In the film, the protagonist Xie Jia-chen, nicknamed A-chen, keeps hearing a strange melody over and over in his mind. While collecting nature sounds in the forest, he inadvertently wanders into an abandoned house … It is at that point that the story truly begins, leading the audience on a scientific journey to understand the changes in sound caused by different environments and the scientific knowledge surrounding such changes.Back to the 80s – Recreating Soft RockThe story unfolds around a song produced in a soft rock style popular in Taiwan back in the 1980s. The tailor-made theme song’s characteristic rock lineup of vocals, drums, bass, and guitars is infused with fuzzy overdrive tones typical of the 1980s. The song captures the meandering, rousing sound of rock to paint a portrait of that era, creating the perfect backdrop to this animated micro-film.


Music Video

Runtime 3:25

Directed by
Lo l-li

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