Voyager / Tal

Voyager / Tal

TAL has many meanings through different languages – in Korea it translates as “Mask, Escape, Liberation”. Our sonic-film journey travels between cultures and emotions, shared across the geographical edges of Aotearoa New Zealand and South Korea. This work links land, air and water to human journeying through the Korean zither, Gayageum.
TAL/Voyager offers an intimate vista where both dancer and musician co-exist within the filmed architecture of the Gayageum. Weather atmospherics and motion graphics reference polar regions of Earth through a series of interwoven scenes, warmed by the vibrating presence of a traditional bronze water-cymbal. This illumination overlays with bespoke ‘Flower of Life’ geometries, alluding to the power of Sunlight, and speaks of Universal lore through lattice patterns within Nature. The Sun’s heat supports ocean currents and creates the vital climactic cycles that move rain-winds to replenish the land.
GCA dance artist Christina Guieb and zither player Jihye Lim of DUOBUD, build their dialogue founded in the language of sound, gesture and breath. Guieb’s roaming dance reaches to the horizon, crossing time and space.

New Zealand

Experimental Film

Runtime 6:11

Directed by
Daniel Alexander Alexander Belton