The father of a newly Korean immigrant family, Chul-kwang tries his best to find a job to support his family and financially maintain their new life in the States. However, despite their high expectations and hopes, a deeply rooted racism and prejudice unexpectedly punch the father, Chul-kwang, in his face leaving him with unemployment and humiliation.As a result, Chul-kwang cannot process the humiliation and inability to provide for his family and becomes violent towards his wife and son in a drunken rage. 
His domestic violence towards his family fractures the happiness and hope that immigrating to America promised this young family, particularly in providing stability and opportunity for his son Hoon. Witnessing Chul-kwang’s aggression and abuse pushes ten-year-old Hoon to be mature at an early age and have a strong connection with his mom. On the other hand, experiencing domestic violence makes him angry and forces him to have hard feelings towards his dad.After a particularly violent episode, the film moves forward 15 years. Hoon’s mother has passed away from other causes. Hoon performs a memorial ceremony, jesa, to celebrate his mom’s death anniversary and birthday. 
However, Chul-kwang continues to spiral downward, dissatisfied with his life and himself but refuses to acknowledge the damage that has affected Hoon.During Hoon’s visit home to honor his mother’s death and birthday, a violent altercation between Hoon and his father occurs and Hoon becomes aware that he also has the capacity for violent behavior. Hoon lets out his frustration by deliberately buying and drinking a beer even though he is self-conscious about people around him looking at him with judge eyes.

United States

Student Film

Runtime 17:20

Directed by
Stan Park