Version Of Nature

Version of Nature

“Version Spring and Autumn” is a multimedia dance drama produced by the Guangzhou Branch of China National Edition Museum. Starting from the 24 solar terms in the version, it takes the chapters of “Sequence, Spring, summer, autumn and winter” as the programmatic framework, and extracts the Oriental image of the text and combines the characteristics of Lingnan culture. Through the use of dancers’ body language and the expression of dramatic dance beauty, the 24 solar terms in the version with Oriental aesthetic conception are presented
The preface expresses that ancient people felt the existence of natural laws from the cycle of the sun, moon and stars. With the brush as the stick, step by step to explore the way, from the point, horizontal, skimming, holding, starting, through the text with the movement of time to express the evolution of the 24 solar terms.
“Spring, summer, autumn, winter” is the deep feeling of nature, is the dance of life. All things in this breath and breath, from the recovery, growth, harvest, wither and die to form the rhythm of life, the universe in the change to complete the cycle again and again…


Experimental Film Short

Runtime 00:11:00

Directed by
Zhiyu Lin