Are you interested in becoming a filmmaker? This is your opportunity! Three days of workshops with the renown Oscar winner film director Scott Hillier.

Get your tickets for one, two or the three days to learn how to shoot, direct and promote your film!

The workshop will be held at the Legend Premium Cinema on the 6th floor of The Olympia Mall, in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and will be held on english with a translator for khmer.

Assist to the three workshops and obtain the full skillset on how to be an indie filmmaker. Some of the topics that will be discussed per day are:

Day 1 – Cinematography

  • Discuss looks / do research;
  • Rembrandt lightning style;
  • Signatures in films;
  • Production designer;
  • Work Ethic with your Crew.

Day 2 – Directing

  • How to end a film;
  • Aesthetics;
  • Storyline;
  • Options;
  • General / Military;

Day 3 – Marketing

  • How to create the right trailer;
  • Show your film to the right person;
  • How to submit to festivals;
  • How to promote your film.