Pōtaka Nautilus

Pōtaka Nautilus

In nature spirals are everywhere from shells to the movement of electrons, from fingerprints to the shape of hurricanes, from the vortex of a whirlpool to the flight of birds of prey. In many ancient cultures the spiral depicts a path that leads the soul to evolve towards enlightened knowledge. Spirals often appear engraved on the stone of the monuments that were illuminated during the solstice and the equinox. This ancient symbol unites cultures and peoples all over the world, from the Northern Europe of the ancient Celts to South America, from Africa to the Mediterranean and throughout Asia and the Pacific. The spiral is a feminine symbol linking to the generative force of the universe and to the mystery of birth. The concentric rings that expand from a central point to the outside are also a symbol of growth and rebirth. For Pōtaka Nautilus the spiral signals identity with the universe through sound and cyclic motion.

New Zeland

Experimental Film 

Runtime 00:02:49

Directed by
Daniel Belton and Good Company Arts